About Us

Our Mission

A century proven Company, Penn Charter continues its time-honored commitment to foster progress through fidelity to the basic values of its founders.

We are a Company that believes the past and future are not mutually exclusive; for we are convinced that without the strength of our heritage, we would know no future.

Penn Charter’s fortune is to have been founded on the soundest of ideals — thrift, integrity, caring, reliability, quality, fairness, and, above all, on a sense of responsibility to our agents and to the thousands of individuals and businesses that have been insured under our banner.

Committed to being a quality Mutual Insurance Company, we are dedicated to the perpetuation of these ideals.

Our purpose is clear: to join burnished tradition with the shining vision of the future; to broaden and deepen our essential commitment to the underlying principles on which our Company has been established; and to build a strong future on the most vital dreams of our past.

With this plan, Penn Charter policyholders have consistently been provided with a financially strong, well-managed Company with responsive service and insurance products that are fairly priced.

Our Agents

Independent Agents represent a variety of insurance companies offering all types of protection. These people are self-employed, licensed professionals not limited to placing insurance with just one company. Instead, they have the flexibility to choose the insurance company that can best serve your individual needs.

We have a network of independent agents in Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

In many respects the independent agent is like the conductor of a symphony orchestra. As the symphony conductor knows how to combine various musical instruments to produce a desired sound, so does the independent agent know how to draw on various insurance companies to obtain the right coverage for you at the right price.

Most independent agents are long term, active residents of their communities with wide interests and commitments there. Their business success depends entirely on how effectively they serve you and your neighbors. Having choices for the protection of your interests is the practical advantage independent agents have over their one-company counterparts.

At Lititz Mutual we are proud to serve our policyholders through professional independent agents. For a century we have provided them with stability and dependability, along with prompt personal service. A Lititz Mutual policy means solid protection and integrity.

Rely on your independent agent for all your insurance needs.

Our Locations

The town of Lititz lies amidst rich farmland just eight miles north of the city of Lancaster in the famed “Pennsylvania Dutch” country.

The community was founded in 1756 by Moravians fleeing religious persecution in Europe. The name of Lititz was given by Count Zinzendorf, the leader of the Moravians, after the town Lidice in Moravia. The beautiful church begun by these settlers in 1757 still stands in the church square surrounded by other buildings of that period and by Linden Hall, the oldest girls school in America.

After 1855 the community was open to others, and many members of other religious groups, such as Brethren, Mennonite, and Lutherans, came to play an increasingly important part in Lititz.

Today the prosperity of Lititz is based on agriculture, industry and tourism. We are located in the heart of one of the great tourist areas of our country, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We urge our policyholders and our agents to come and pay us a visit. You may be sure of a warm welcome here.

Budget Travel readers have voted and the results are in! Lititz, PA is America’s Coolest Small Town of 2013. “Why we love it: You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location, in rural Lancaster County, Penn., with its rolling farmland and traditional Amish communities. Here, you can savor 18th-century history just a 90-minute drive from Philadelphia—a perfect long-weekend destination. What to do: Take a dip into colonial-era history at the Lititz Historical Foundation, the Johannes Mueller House, the Moravian Church, and a cemetery the locals refer to as God’s Acre. Stroll through Lititz Springs Park, right in the middle of downtown, to take in the scenery and feed the ducks. Then step into a decidedly 21st-century culinary scene that includes Tomato Pie Café, Café Chocolate, Bulls Head Public House, Appalachian Brewing Company, Savory Gourmet, Olio, and Zest.” – Budget Travel